10 Must Have Pieces to Put in Your Geek Gear Collection

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Sometimes work just isn’t that much fun. Change all that with these ¬†inexpensive, unique and sometimes very clever pieces. This gear will help you channel your inner child as well as win friends and influence co-workers.


1. Brain Candle


Brain Candle


2. TED Talking Backpack Clip


TED Talking BackPack Clip


3. Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier


Lil Shaver Mustache Pacifier


4. Handerpants




5. T-Qualizer Shirt


T-Qualizer Shirt


6. Ctrl + Alt + Del Cup Set


Ctrl + Alt + Del Cup Set


7. Edamame Bean Calendar


Edamame Bean Calendar


8. Im a Lumberjack and Im Ok Premium Tee


Im a Lumberjack and Im Ok Premium Tee


9. Periodic Table Shower Curtain


Periodic Table Shower Curtain


10. BaZnGa baby tee


BaZnGa baby tee

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